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    Liaoning Hongyu refractory Group Co., Ltd.

    Address: two room village, Guan Tun Town, Dashiqiao, Liaoning, China

    Web site: www.hy-ref.com

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    Phone: 0417-6956239

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    Mailbox: gaochong@hy-ref.com

    Zip code: 115100

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    Liaoning Hongyu refractory Group Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1999, is a specialized magnesia refractory production enterprise which integrates mining, raw material production and finished product processing. Located in China's magnesium City, Dashiqiao, Liaoning, the group now has 6 branches and more than 1200 employees.

    There is a mine with a mine of 20 million tons, 400 thousand tons per year, 8 light burning magnesia sintering kiln, 4 magnesia sintering kiln, 2 medium magnesia sintering kiln and 24 electric melting magnesium sintering furnace, 2 of 66 thousand volt substation, 3 in magnesia carbon brick production plant, 4, nickel iron mine in 1850 C high temperature tunnel kiln. The hot stove is 2.

    There are 2500 tons and 2 units, 2000 tons and 4 units of the production equipment, 2000 tons and 4 units, and more than 30 other rubbing press and electric brick machines. The group is dominated by production and unshaped refractory materials, with annual production capacity of more than 300 thousand tons, of which more than 150 thousand tons of refractory materials are fixed, and more than 150 thousand tons of unshaped refractory materials are made.

    Advanced refractory manufacturing technology and high standard production equipment and inspection instruments, scientific management methods and perfect quality control system can make the company design and produce according to the different needs of the customers, and use refractory materials in the high temperature fields, such as steel, building materials, colored and so on.

    The group regards product quality as life and spends a lot of money to set up a testing center. The introduction of many international advanced quality testing equipment, Germany Brook S8 X- ray fluorescence spectrometer and high frequency melting prototype. And establish a sound and reliable quality control system. All incoming and finished products are tested through layers to ensure that all Hongyu products are of excellent quality.

    Hongyu group is one of the major refractory suppliers of refractory materials for industrial kilns, which is one of the large-scale industrial kiln furnaces in China. It is also one of the most comprehensive and large refractory material suppliers of refractory materials used in domestic steel. Breakthroughs have been made in the development of refractory materials such as blast furnace, electric furnace, converter, ladle, tundish, industrial furnace, nonferrous metal smelting and building material industry.

    High quality product quality, good reputation and service, make Hongyu group have established long-term economic and trade relations with many countries and regions such as America, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Australia, India, Russia and other countries, and have been working with a number of large steel enterprises in China for a long time, and become the best in the same industry.

    In order to continuously improve the management level of the enterprise and make the management of the enterprise more formal and scientific, Hongyu group passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification in 2002, and continuously strengthened and perfected itself by scientific management methods, and was committed to providing a perfect refractory solution for you.

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