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    Various hazards of waste refractory bricks

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    Various hazards of waste refractory bricks

    Date:2018-05-03 Author: Click:

    With the acceleration of the pace of globalization in China, the development of China's political, economic and social development of magnesia carbon brick manufacturers has made remarkable achievements, especially the development of heavy industry in our country, which is becoming more and more prosperous. However, an important issue that China needs to face now is how to balance environmental protection with industrialization. Industrial development is bound to cause environmental pollution, and environmental protection needs to constraining industrial development. How to achieve a balance between the two is an urgent problem at present.

    Magnesia carbon brick manufacturers

    The reality is that industrial waste is unavoidable on the road of industrialization, for example, in our country, the waste refractory brick is the industrial waste which makes the enterprise the most headache, not only needs high cost of treatment, but also brings damage to the environment and even the human body. Its harmfulness can be said to be huge. Every heavy industrial enterprise needs to use a furnace, and the furnace will produce waste refractory bricks. This industrial waste will not only cause dust pollution but also cause damage to water, air, and organisms. The traditional landfill method also has its limitations. Although it can prevent the waste refractory bricks from the pollution of the atmosphere, it will cause soil and water pollution. If people mistake the waste refractory bricks, it will cause irreversible damage to the human body. And the degradation rate of the waste refractory bricks in the soil is very slow, and the landfills can not plant crops and trees in the next few years or even decades.

    It is because of the great harm of waste refractory bricks, so the State encourages enterprises to develop and solve the problem of waste firebrick pollution.